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Artist in the Family
September 22, 2007, 1:32 am
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This is a picture that my birth-mother picked out of her cousin’s garbage when she was visiting him as a child. He didn’t think it was good enough and it was throwing it away. She took it. He was about 10 years older than her. Her family stopped visiting. Her father called his father a communist, though it sounds like he was a socialist who liked to talk a lot.

When I found my birth-family and they learned that I was an artist, my birth-grandmother said, “We only have one artist in the family.” She referred to him. No other direction was given to me. I did not make the initiative to contact him. It was just a fact and I was fascinated with the drawing. I felt such an affinity with the line-work.

Now that I’ve come back, his name came up again. This time I looked him up online. I found a website with samples of his work. I e-mailed the person hosting the site with his work. I have more information, but still haven’t been able to locate him.

The information I found was very interesting. He was into underground comics and also collected photographs and photo related items. These are two areas that I too am interested in. He also taught art related content in higher ed. He was published in various magazines, newspapers, and collections. He seems to be known as a satirical illustrator.

I wonder how much is inherited . . . It is as if we are different fragments of an original spirit.


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