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Working it out with my Birthmother
February 15, 2009, 11:52 pm
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1415449978_442bd2f84e_mWe’ve exchanged e-mails the past few days. To my surprise, first she wrote to me:

Just wanted to say good night and that I love you very much…. not going to say much because I don’t want to say something I will regret…

Then I wrote back:

Mom ~
I love you too and I don’t want you to say anything you will regret… I hope you never regret anything you say to me ~ I know it comes from a place of love …
Lots of hugs and kisses ~ Julie

Then she wrote the next day:

I hope you had a better day today…how are you feeling?
good night and sleep well

She also sent a Valentine e-card that had a character holding back a big blob that eventually exploded with love and the character came back frazzled saying something like, let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you… I wrote back:

mom ~ Thanks for the Valentine ~ very cute way of showing how you feel… Did you get my Valentine too? I’m pushing forward ~ your asking me how I feel means a lot… 🙂
love ~ julie

Then she wrote today:

just wanted to see how you are dealing…miss talking to you…
hope you had a good valentines day…
love you

Then I sent this:

mom ~ each time you reach out to me with compassion, each time you come to me to see how i’m doing, each time you give me a hug ~ something is healed. A hole in my heart is filled. I am reaching out to other adoptees who share my experience and it is not unique. The problem is, is that there is no road map as to how to move forward. We just need to keep moving. I’m with you and I hope you can be with me. love ~ julie


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Just so you know Julie, your posts not only help adoptees but also other birthmoms. Keep writing.

Comment by leostitcher

Thanks for the support ~

Comment by eilujion

you are not alone, please see >


best wishes

Comment by Stella

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