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I am going to start telling my adoption story. The summer of 2007 has been a pivotal year me. I finally reconnected with my birth-mother after many years of painful separation. She gave me up for adoption in 1968. I initially found her in 1995. Our reunion was positive, but unclear. This mother’s day, in 2007, I called to find out that her mother had passed away. I was not told or invited to the funeral, but decided that it was important to try to make a connection. I invited myself to her place and stayed the summer.


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I’m also and adutl adoptee in reunion with my bfamily.

IF you need support that you haven’t been able to find yet, a good place that I’ve found is http://www.adultadoptees.org/forum . Stop by sometime if you want to vent or just want to chat – the folks over there are GREAT!

Comment by mayzie

I found my birth parents in 1989 when I was 19 years old. My birth mother had “been with” another man a few times while she was dating my birth father, so there was a question of paternity. It gets more complicated than that, but basically, I was born a little early and my parents adopted me at 5 weeks. I have an adopted brother 4 years younger than I. My birth mother and father (confirmed with a DNA test) had another child before divorcing after 7 years of marriage. My birth mother remarried twice and gave birth to 3 more children with her current husband.

What has been hard is maintaining a relationship with my birth mother, who does seem to have some of the symptoms of “Birth Mother Syndrome” along with other emotional issues. I am truly frustrated, so I understand some of your frustration. I’m going to “friend” you on Facebook if you want to give me more details about your experience.

Comment by Melanie

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